Errit Kayak Club
Club Safety Rules

Club Safety Rules

Errit Kayak Club Safety Rules

Never go alone – less that three shall never be! Not less than three members shall be on the water during club events / meets.

Until you achieve your Level 2 Skills Award, you will not be able to go on journeys unaccompanied by an instructor. Your focus will be on skills and confidence development within 50 m of the shore.

Always tell someone not participating in an event where you are going, what you will be doing and what time you will be back.

Do not participate in paddle sports if you are not water confident.

There must always be suitable buoyancy for yourself and your boat.

Always sign out / in club equipment.

Be aware of your skill set and limitations when paddling.

Check your equipment before getting onto the water and when you get off.

Report any damage or breakages to the Committee by using the Damage Report.