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Club Paddles

Club Paddles

Definition of and Procedure for Organising a Club Paddle

Definition of Club Paddle
There are two types of club paddle – Peer Paddle and Guided Peer Paddle. These are essentially the same except that a Guided Peer Paddle includes an instructor who is willing to assist club members who do not have their skills yet or who are not completely confident on the type of water being paddled.
Club Paddles can be organised by any club member at any time and club equipment is available for use on these events. Club Paddles can be part day, full day or multi day. Club Paddles may only include fully paid-up Errit Kayak Club members except where they are organised in conjunction with another Canoeing Ireland registered club. There must be a minimum of three club members on the water for the duration of a Club Paddle. Everyone participating in a Peer Paddle must have a minimum L2 qualification and be confident on the type of water being paddled.
Guided Peer Paddles can be attended by those who have not yet attained L2 provided appropriate instructor ratios are followed. The basic safety rules of kayaking must be adhered to at all times on Club Paddles and common sense and good judgement should always be used throughout the planning process. There should be an assigned leader(s) on the paddle who will monitor the rest of the group. The organiser(s) should pay attention to the weather conditions, tide times, water levels etc and should not be afraid to cancel the paddle if they feel it would not be safe to go.

Procedure for Advertising a Club Paddle
Club Paddles must be advertised to all members on the Errit Kayak Club WhatsApp group.
Adverts for Club Paddles should include the following information:
● Date
● Location
● Start time
● Finish time (approx.)
● Type of water (eg flat water, sheltered coastal, grade II river etc)
● Other details (eg any cost involved)

The organiser(s) should check with instructors before advertising a Club Paddle to see if there is one willing to lead yet-to-be-assessed members. Be aware that instructors may want to participate in Club Paddles to relax and enjoy themselves without being expected to guide some / all of the participants.
Suggestions for major trips should be brought to the Committee for discussion before being put to the general membership.
A paddle involving club members which is organised outside the above definition and procedure cannot be called a Club Paddle and is therefore not associated with the club in any way.